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  • Shipping Helicopters via Ocean

    Shipping Helicopters via Ocean

    Shipping Helicopters via Ocean Vessel The helicopter industry in North America is by no means limited to this continent. In addition to the four major manufacturers shipping their helicopters overseas (and importing parts), many companies choose to send their aircraft to the US or Canada for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services. There are also […]

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  • Accelerometer in a Trailer?

    Helicopter Trailer

    IMT strives to stay at the forefront of the newest technology for specialty transportation. This means constantly looking for ways to improve our advanced Helicopter Trailer system in order to provide the highest levels of safety and security for your most valuable assets.   The newest addition to our trailer is a 3-axis accelerometer to […]

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  • Texas Aerospace

    Super Puma loading in the Houston dock

    We are unsure if everything is bigger in Texas, however one thing is certain, Texas Aerospace is massive and only getting bigger. Texas is one of the most important locations for the global aerospace and aviation industry. It is home to the world-famous Johnson Space Center and two of the world’s busiest airports. The Texas […]

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  • The Amazing Helicopter Race

    Helicopter Race

    Some say it is a myth based on fact, which has been exaggerated by industry stakeholders. Some live and breathe it every year around April 15th.   The bottom line is every time the weather gets warmer and dryer in the spring and summer months, forest fire season starts in Canada and the United States. […]

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  • AOG Shipping – Aerospace Logistics

    AOG Logistics

    What is AOG Shipping?   AOG Shipping is a service provided to airlines and other aircraft operators to ensure the on-time delivery of components critical for an aircraft becoming air worthy. This could mean anything from a jet engine, landing gear or wing component. AOG Shipping (Aircraft on Ground) is a small but crucial portion […]

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  • Specialty LTL Transportation

    LTL Jet Engine Transportation

    A LTL (less-than-truckload) service allows you to transport your items even though it might not make a full trailer load. A LTL carrier will coordinate your shipment with others to create a FTL (full-truckload) and reduce the costs to the end-users. When most people think LTL, they think of parcel carriers with hundreds of pieces […]

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  • Aerospace Industry Update

    Aerospace Drone

    Facebook is reportedly in talks with drone maker Titan Aerospace in what would be a landmark $60 million deal for the internet giant. The purpose of this potential purchase is Titan’s high-flying solar-powered drones would give Facebook the ability to beam wireless internet access to consumers in undeveloped parts of the world. Currently Facebook has […]

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