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  • Jet Engine Shipping in North America

    Jet engine shipping in North America

    Jet engine shipping in North America is much more common than you might think. Although the average motorist may not be able to recognize an aircraft engine when it is fully covered on a trailer, you have likely driven past one on its way to the airport or maintenance facility. If it flies in the […]

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  • CH-47 Chinook Helicopter Road Transport

    CH-47 Chinook Helicopter Road Transport

    IMT is excited to announce the inception of our CH-47 Chinook helicopter road transport service! This twin engine, tandem rotor, heavy-lift helicopter is a workhorse of the US military since the 1960’s. The Chinook derives its name from the Native American Chinook people and its many variants are used by 16 nations around the world. […]

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  • Aerospace Trucking

    Aerospace Trucking

    Aerospace trucking brings its own unique set of perks and challenges. IMT thoroughly enjoys working in this industry and appreciates the many opportunities it has to offer. To start, we get to move many varieties of aircraft components, from entire helicopters, jet engines, wings, landing gear, etc. If it flies, we will put it on […]

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