Specialty Transport Service for the Pulp & Paper Industry

Machinery is the driving force of the mill. To keep a Pulp & Paper plant producing smoothly and efficiently, it must be maintained regularly and renewed as necessary. And when a machine malfunctions it can bring production to a grinding halt. In critical situations where rapid replacement is required to minimize costly downtime, we have proven time and time again that companies can rely on International Machine Transport for rapid, reliable service.


Our specialty service to the pulp and paper industry includes transportation of machinery parts, components and paper machine rolls that require heated service. IMT’s equipment includes flat deck, step deck and job engineered double drop trailers that are fully equipped to handle specialized mill requirements. So whether you need a just-in-time service that integrate seamlessly with your planned maintenance programs, regular scheduled deliveries of replacement parts and components, or an immediate response to an unforeseen emergency, it pays pulp and paper mills to call IMT.

Pulp Mill Machinery Transport Features

• Niche carrier to the pulp and paper industry.

• Professional drivers with an average of 25 years of experience handling machinery.

• Product familiarity of machinery related to the pulp and paper industry.

• Knowledge of mill procedures, locations, personnel and mill roll service centres.

• Dispatch responds 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year.

• Equipment is current and non-stop service is available when required.


Heated Mill Roll Transport                          Washer Drum Transport

Heated Mill Roll Image  Washer Drum Image