Special & Critical Freight Handling Logistics

IMT is knowledgeable and experienced in the special care of products that are highly fragile, lack structural support or are extremely sensitive to movement.

Critical freight handling shipments may include:

• Robotics
• Partially dissembled machinery
• Computerized components, etc.

We ensure the safe and timely delivery of such shipments with:

• Special packaging
• Additional structural support
• Blanket wrap padding

Time-Sensitive Delivery for High-Value Shipments

IMT understands how crucial a time sensitive shipment can be for emergency supply chain support or for the most demanding customers. IMT is available 24/7 for expedited full load and LTL shipments. We are relied upon by some of the largest names in aviation and other industries to provide a premium level of services that IMT has built its reputation on.

Learn how IMT can provide specialized transport services for your high-value machinery or components. Speak to an IMT machine transport expert today! Call our Service Desk toll free at 1-800-665-7077 or by filling out an Estimate Request!