LTL Transportation Services

IMT treats less than load (LTL) shipments with the same amount of care and attention as complete (FTL) loads. Your LTL Transportation shipment will be ideally positioned on the trailer to minimize handling. We also strive for single handling only to reduce stress on your high-value components.

IMT will cut your transit times by coordinating your shipment with trailer departures. Meaning your LTL shipment is not sitting in a warehouse for extended periods of time. Once your shipment is on our truck, it is on its way.

Some features of our LTL Transportation services include:

• Expedited shipping for emergency transport 24/7/365

• “Hotshot” shipping with dedicated and disciplined drivers committed to timely delivery and completed customer satisfaction

• Reliable non-stop service for both surface and air shipments

Premium LTL Transportation Services

All of our heavy haul equipment features full air ride transit, ensuring that your sensitive LTL shipment will have a smooth ride without incident. On average, our drivers have over 20 years’ experience with special or critical handling shipments.

Learn why some of North America’s top aerospace and manufacturing companies trust IMT to transport their most valuable assets. Speak to an IMT representative either toll free at  1-800-665-7077 or Request an Estimate today!