Oversized Helicopter Transport across North America

Oversized Helicopter Transport is a niche vertical market related to the oversize cargo shipping industry. While all oversize cargo must be handled with care and attention to detail, oversized Helicopter Transport requires an in-depth knowledge of the aircraft in order to minimize the risk of damage to the cargo.

There are a number of helicopters that we would consider to be “oversized,” which to us means they will not fit inside one of our completely enclosed Helicopter Transport Trailers.

Some of these helicopters include:

• Sikorsky S-61
• Sikorsky S-70
• Sikorsky S-92
• AS 330 Puma & AS 332 SuperPuma
• Chinook
• AW 139
• AW 189

Of course these are commercial helicopters and there are a number of military aircraft that are oversized and would require a special trailer.

In order to transport a massive helicopter like the S-92, IMT had to develop a custom landing gear cradle to secure the gear that was too wide for a normal flat deck trailer. This helicopter shipment was 13’ 1” wide, 16’ 4” tall and 90’ long with truck and trailer. We ran a pole car in front to check for over height issues and a trail car to ensure other vehicles did not get too close to the cargo.

IMT also uses custom landing gear cradles for shipping large helicopters such as the S-61, Puma and Super Puma. Often with oversized helicopter shipping, it is necessary to run a second truck behind the first with all of the extras that come off the helicopter, such as: the blades, sponsons, along with mast and rotor head if necessary.

Oversized Helicopter Transport Cradle

S-92 Landing Gear Cradle


Oversized Helicopter Transport Trailers

IMT uses expandable double-drop (low-bed or low-boy) trailers that allow us to handle helicopters that are taller than 10’ when on the ground. The low part of the trailer (or well) is 29’ when collapsed and 50’ when fully expanded.

The trailer itself is 48’ long when collapsed and 70’ when fully expanded. The well provides 18” of ground clearance, which allows IMT to ship over height helicopters in areas of North America that are highly restrictive of over-height shipments.

Oversized Helicopter Shipping Trailer

S-61 on an Expandable Trailer

Check out the gallery below for some pictures of IMT’s oversized helicopter transport division.