International Machine Transport Inc. Transports Four Bell 205 Fuselages for the Tunisian Air Force

International Machine Transport delivered two Bell 205 fuselages to the Tunisian Air Force and received 2 Bell 205 fuselages at the Vancouver International Airport.

From a total of six fuselages that are meant to receive a complete maintenance, repair, and overhaul four have been completed and delivered to the Tunisian Air Force by IMT. The remaining two fuselages have been delivered to Vector Aerospace for the start of their complete maintenance, repair and overhaul.

Exchange was made at the Vancouver International Airport; the fuselages were loaded onto the Tunisian Lockheed c130 Hercules. The amount of work being done depends on each individual fuselage. A complete electrical and window overhaul including an exterior refurbishment and paint is in order. Price was not disclosed, however Vector Aerospace is the company behind the complete maintenance, repair, and overhaul.

Vector Aerospace chose International Machine Transport to transport the fuselages from the Tunisian Air Force at the Vancouver Airport to Vector Aerospace in Langley and vice versa. IMT is Vector’s preferred carrier for helicopters and other large or difficult shipments.

The final result was a successful loading, securing and delivery of all four fuselages. We look forward to continuing our work with Vector Aerospace.