IMT in the Big Apple

IMT was selected by CHC Helicopters as part of a public relations exploit in down town New York City. The overall goal of the project is to raise awareness of the IPO for CHC Helicopters. To see more details, check out the Video!

IMT was contracted to haul a Sikorsky S-76 helicopter from Abbotsford, British Columbia to New York and then back to BC – round trip is 9600 km. As an added challenge at the time, central North America was experiencing severe winter weather dubbed the “Polar Vortex” by some meteorologists and reporters. Temperatures were at an all-time low right across the northern to central U.S. with severe wind and white out conditions in some areas. Niagara Falls actually froze over during a record-breaking cold snap in the region.

Utilizing one of our specialized Roll-Tite Heli-Trailers, we were able to safely and securely transport the helicopter through some of the most challenging road conditions. Our Roll-Tite trailers are completely covered with canvas tarps to protect high-value shipments from road debris and foul weather conditions. This trailers also eliminate the need for shrink-wrapping, which is a common method used for transporting helicopters. However, this method is costly and time-consuming.

Once in Brooklyn, the canvas walls were rolled away to expose the helicopter on the trailer and the helicopter was picked up via crane and moved back several feet for optimal viewing. Once the helicopter was secured and ready for transport, IMT was given a tight time schedule to complete the seven mile journey through Brooklyn and Manhattan. Perhaps the most difficult aspect of the move was when our driver had to navigate a full-sized semi-truck and trailer through the narrow streets in the financial district of downtown NYC. The move and final installation of the rotor blades had to be completed by 8am, in time for the open of business in the financial district.

At one point, our driver had to pull into a side street and back up into position in front of the NYSE on Broad St. There is little margin for error on these narrow streets, in addition to width concerns there are also low hanging traffic lights and signs that have to be navigated. The Sikorsky S-76 is roughly 8 ft high not including the tail rotor blades and the fact that it was on a trailer.

IMT successfully completed this high-profile operation, in coordination with the NYSE, Homeland Security and CHC Helicopters. To see the entire operation, please see our video of the move.

We are proud to have been selected to be a part of such a prestigious event held at such an iconic location as the NYSE. CHC wanted the event to go smoothly and was confident that IMT would take care of all the logistical issues associated with trucking a helicopter through the financial district of NY.