• Jet Engine Shipping in North America

    Jet engine shipping in North America

    Jet engine shipping in North America is much more common than you might think. Although the average motorist may not be able to recognize an aircraft engine when it is fully covered on a trailer, you have likely driven past one on its way to the airport or maintenance facility. If it flies in the […]

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  • CH-47 Chinook Helicopter Road Transport

    CH-47 Chinook Helicopter Road Transport

    IMT is excited to announce the inception of our CH-47 Chinook helicopter road transport service! This twin engine, tandem rotor, heavy-lift helicopter is a workhorse of the US military since the 1960’s. The Chinook derives its name from the Native American Chinook people and its many variants are used by 16 nations around the world. […]

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  • Shipping Helicopters via Ocean

    Shipping Helicopters via Ocean

    Shipping Helicopters via Ocean Vessel The helicopter industry in North America is by no means limited to this continent. In addition to the four major manufacturers shipping their helicopters overseas (and importing parts), many companies choose to send their aircraft to the US or Canada for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services. There are also […]

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  • Aerospace Trucking

    Aerospace Trucking

    Aerospace trucking brings its own unique set of perks and challenges. IMT thoroughly enjoys working in this industry and appreciates the many opportunities it has to offer. To start, we get to move many varieties of aircraft components, from entire helicopters, jet engines, wings, landing gear, etc. If it flies, we will put it on […]

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  • What causes road rage?

    What causes road rage

    What is it about being strapped in a cocoon of steel and glass that changes the way we act in civilized society? If you saw a long bank line would you go to the front and push the old lady who was second in line out of the way? “Sorry, I am in a hurry […]

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  • The Challenges of Oversized Shipments

    Oversized Helicopter Shipment

    Oversized or over-dimensional shipments require a ton of planning and careful execution as you usually only have one chance to get it right. A standard transport trailer is 8.5’ wide, so anything sticking out farther than 8.6’ would be considered over width. Anything over 75’ long would be considered over length and anything over 13’6” […]

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  • Accelerometer in a Trailer?

    Helicopter Trailer

    IMT strives to stay at the forefront of the newest technology for specialty transportation. This means constantly looking for ways to improve our advanced Helicopter Trailer system in order to provide the highest levels of safety and security for your most valuable assets.   The newest addition to our trailer is a 3-axis accelerometer to […]

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  • Cargo Insurance – Is Your Shipment Covered?

    Cargo Insurance

    We are constantly fielding questions about the insurance and safety of components in transit, we thought it might be beneficial to discuss insurance in our next article. For those of you still reading after the use of the word “insurance” in the opening of this article, rest assured we will attempt to make this post […]

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  • Why are Airline Tickets So Expensive?

    Expensive Airlines

    You may have wondered this yourself, why do I have to pay so much just to fly across a country? With the level of technology available to us today why are we subject to such high prices? As a supplier of transport services to the aerospace industry, and because (ironically) we end up flying many […]

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  • Firefighters Without Borders

    Fire Truck

    Recently IMT had the privilege of working with Firefighters Without Borders (FWB) Canada, which is a registered charity operating out of British Columbia. FWB offers support to emergency service organizations in countries with a demonstrated need. Most often these are developing countries without the proper infrastructure necessary to respond to the fallout from volcanoes, earthquakes, […]

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